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If you are looking for affordable and quality elevator repair from one of the best elevator companies located conveniently in Philadelphia, you have come to the right place! Triad Lifts LLC., has been in the business and serving Malvern for well over half a decade. We are the premier elevator repair, upgrade, modernization and installation company serving Malvern. We understand the frustrations that an out-of-service elevator can cause for visitors and tenants, not to mention the building owners themselves. With that said, we also understand the anxiety older elevators may give to the passengers inside the cab.  So when you are in need of elevator repairs in Malvern, or even if you need maintenancemodernization, or even a new installation  give us a call!

Elevator Repair Philadelphia

Your Local High Quality Elevator Repair Company Serving Malvern

At Triad Lifts we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, work ethic, as well as the variety of services we are able to offer to our clients. This is all due to our expertise in repairing elevators throughout Malvern as well as the Tri-State area. Utilizing non-proprietary equipment we are able to make repairs quickly and affordably. The non-proprietary equipment will also lower future maintenance costs. With us and our experienced team of elevator technicians and consultants you will experience minimal downtime of your buildings elevator. Our elevator inspection services will also help ensure that you are up to code and that everyone in the building will have a safe elevator to travel in. With Triad Lifts, the elevator in your building is the last thing you will ever have to worry about.

Triad Lifts Service Benefits - Malvern Elevator Repair

Affordable Services

We only install high quality and non-proprietary elevator equipment from the industries top and most recognized suppliers. This will allow you to reduce future repair and maintenance costs while having the freedom to use your preferred elevator repair company serving Malvern.

Unbeatable response times

Being located in Rittenhouse Square, allows us to be anywhere within Malvern when you need us most. Our 24 hour Emergency Elevator Repair services means you will never have to wait to contact us or have your guests look at an out-of-order sign on your buildings elevator. Call us any time, day or night, and we will be there ready to help assist.

Personalized Support

When establishing Triad Lifts, we had one goal in mind. Providing Malvern and the Tri-State area with high quality elevator services but focusing on unparalleled customer support and service. We saw that the industry was moving away from that personal touch you get from working with a small and local business. At Triad Lifts, we are changing that dynamic. 

Elevator Services We Provide in Malvern

Elevator Construction

We perform new elevator construction services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Elevator Maintenance

We service all makes and models of elevator equipment, making us one of the best elevator maintenance companies for Malvern.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrade both, your elevator performance and cab aesthetics with an elevator modernization project.

Elevator Inspections

With our affordable elevator inspections in accordance with your building's needs, there is no reason why your elevator will not be up to code.

More Elevator Services

We offer a variety of different elevator services. Check out our extensive list of services offered throughout NJ, PA, & Delaware.

Cover your Elevator Testing and Safety Requirements with Triad Lifts

Elevator Inspection and Elevator Safety Test requirements will vary from state to state. At Triad Lifts we know all of the elevator testing requirements in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. While the majority of states comply with The American Society of Mechanical Engineers code ASME A17.1. Some states use their own safety or administrative codes, they may also adopt and amend some standards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We want to make sure you are compliant and up to code within your state, so stop searching for other elevator companies and contact Triad Lifts for your next elevator safety test.

We are able to test and inspect every variety of elevator system:
Machine-room-less Elevator Systems
Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Systems
Hydraulic Elevator Systems
Traction Elevator Systems
Vacuum Elevator Systems

Regardless of your location and requirements Triad Lifts is equipped and ready to meet all of your testing needs. For quality Elevator Inspections, Elevator Safety Testing, or if you have any questions regarding your states codes – do not hesitate to contact us!

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