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Get your Elevator Ready For Winter

For buildings and facilities that rely on elevators to transport their inhabitants safely, it is essential to prepare these crucial pieces of equipment for colder weather. Whether you are an owner or manager of a business with commercial elevators, or the tenant in a residential building that depends on an elevator for moving between floors, you should take steps to ensure your elevator is ready for winter.

To start, it is important to review the maintenance schedule, if one exists. If your elevator doesn’t have regular maintenance appointments with an experienced and certified technician, we would recommend talking to our team about setting up an elevator maintenance plan. Our qualified professionals can inspect the components inside your elevator that are likely to experience wear and tear during winter use, such as cables and electrical systems, and address any potential problems before they become major issues. Additionally, they can recommend necessary upgrades or repairs to keep your elevator functioning smoothly at all times.

Climate Control and Consistent Temperatures

When it comes to getting your elevator ready for winter, one of the most important steps is climate control. Maintaining a consistent temperatures can help to prevent moisture and condensation buildup, which can lead to mildew growth and corrosion. Obviously, outdoor conditions are largely beyond your control, but there are a few things that you can do to help regulate indoor temperatures in your elevator. For example, sealing any air leaks around doors and windows can prevent cold air from entering your shaft. Additionally, be sure to check for any loose panels or gaps in the insulation that may need to be sealed or repaired. Finally, it’s also a good idea to keep the inside temperature as close as possible to the temperature outside so that there is less opportunity for fluctuations from one day to the next. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your elevator stays warm and dry all winter long. Remember the optimal temperature for oil and hydraulic fluid is between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Emergency Power (Backup Battery)

An emergency battery is an essential feature of any elevator, especially during the winter months. During this time of year, power outages are more common due to harsh weather conditions. As a result, the battery acts as a backup power supply that allows the elevator to operate in the event of a power surge or blackout. The emergency battery also helps to ensure that people can get out of the elevator in the event of an unexpected mechanical failure. In addition, using a properly functioning elevator throughout winter can provide greater safety for everyone who uses it. Overall, then, an emergency battery is an important component for elevators to help keep people and property safe throughout the season.

Rail Lubrication

In order to keep an elevator running smoothly during the winter months, it is essential to maintain adequate lubrication levels. This is because the cold weather can lead to significant wear and tear on the moving parts of your elevator, causing them to become creaky, sluggish, or even stuck altogether. Fortunately, lubrication helps to reduce this wear and tear by protecting against friction and providing a smooth surface for parts to move against. Likewise, proper lubrication also acts as a preventive measure against corrosion. When these factors are accounted for, your elevator will be able to run safely and smoothly all winter long. So if you want to keep your passengers safe and happy throughout the season, be sure to schedule regular lubrication appointments for your elevator before the cold weather arrives.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping your elevator in good working order is essential if you want to ensure its safety and performance during the colder months of the year. To properly prepare your elevator for winter, it is important to schedule regular maintenance appointments with our team of qualified professionals. These appointments will allow our technician to check the various components of your elevator, including the cables, brakes, and doors, ensuring that each part is in working order. In addition, routine maintenance can help to keep the gears clean and properly lubricated, minimizing the risk of jams or breakdowns when temperatures are at their lowest. By taking these simple steps, you can make sure that your elevator is ready for whatever winter will throw its way.

Is Your Elevator Ready For Winter and Up To Code?

As we head into the winter months, it is more important than ever to make sure that elevators throughout the tri-state area are in good working order. By contacting Triad Lifts we can help you keep your elevators running smoothly, even when the weather turns icy and treacherous. Our comprehensive maintenance plans provide regular code inspections to ensure that all critical components are functioning properly, and they also include ongoing preventative maintenance work to monitor wear-and-tear on key parts and replace them before they fail. With our services, you can be confident that your elevator will be able to take on whatever winter throws at it, keeping everyone safe and protected throughout the season. So if you want to make sure your elevators are ready for winter, look no further than Triad Lifts!

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