Triad Lifts, LLC

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The Preferred Elevator Company In Philadelphia

Providing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with quality Professional elevator Services Including repairs, Inspections, Installations and Elevator Modernization

Triad Lifts, LLC.

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Triad Lifts - Full Service Elevator Company in Philadelphia

The Most Sought After Elevator Service Company in Philadelphia

Triad Lifts is a unique elevator company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offering comprehensive elevator services. Formed in 2015 by a group of the area’s top leaders of elevator consultants, property managers, and real estate developers. The individuals that make up Triad Lifts all share the same vision. That is to bring back the personal relationship experience within the elevator industry and provide unparalleled services for elevators and our clients. Something only a small local business can achieve. 

The founders of Triad Lifts believe that this type of relationship was quickly disappearing in our industry. Especially since many of the local independent elevator companies in Philadelphia are being bought up by larger national corporations. One of our core values, is the idea of listening to, and understanding each of our individual clients needs. This allows us to cultivate close business relationships with them. 

At Triad Lifts we provide superior customized services for our clients and their elevators that they deserve. This is just one of the reasons why we are quickly becoming the stand out and preferred elevator company in Philadelphia. If you want the best in the business, contact us today!

Dedicated to Quality Elevator Services

Triad lifts is a locally owned independent all city elevator service company that is located in Philadelphia who serves the Tri state area encompassing New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We aren’t like other elevator companies in Philadelphia, our elevator mechanics have perfected the craft of elevator installation, elevator repair, and elevator maintenance services. Our elevator mechanics only install high quality, non-proprietary elevator equipment from the industry’s most recognized and accredited elevator suppliers. Additionally, we are a proactive company who prefers to anticipate repairs with preventative maintenance and elevator modernization

Our team has been carefully assembled. Triad Lifts specifically hires elevator technicians and elevator consultants with vast industry experience. We make sure that they also share our passion for delivering unrivaled customer service. Triad Lifts has one goal. To satisfy your vertical transportation needs while exceeding your expectations. In doing this we have quickly become one of the best elevator companies in Philadelphia.

If your elevator is not working and you need elevator repairs, elevator maintenance, elevator construction, or any other additional elevator services we provide. Contact Triad Lifts!

Elevator Construction

We perform new elevator construction services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Elevator Maintenance

We service all makes and models of elevator equipment, making us one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Philadelphia.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrade both, your elevator performance and cab aesthetics with an elevator modernization project.

Elevator Inspections

With our affordable elevator inspections in accordance with your building's needs, there is no reason why your elevator will not be up to code.

Elevator Repairs

Elevator repair service jobs are our specialty. We are able to handle all types of elevator repairs in Philadelphia.

Elevator Consulting

We offer unparalleled expertise in ensuring your elevator meets all necessary safety regulations while also maximizing its performance.

We Are Affiliated with Philadelphia's Local 5 Elevator Constructors Union.