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At Traid Lifts, We Offer Elevator Repair Services Around The Clock

Repairing Elevators In Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey

When Triad Lifts was started in 2017, we wanted to make sure we are providing the Tri-State area with the best elevator services possible. We focus on building relationships with our clients and provide them with the highest quality workmanship seen on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. We are proud to be the leaders of elevator repair in Philadelphia, PA. As well as quickly becoming the go to solution for elevator repair in Delaware, and New Jersey too.

Elevator Door Equipment

Door equipment for your elevator is the major cause of most elevator shut-downs. At Triad Lifts we can replace door operators, door controllers, individual components, or perform a complete modernization of your door equipment system. A complete door modernization would include the replacement of all components such as door operator, hanger rollers, tracks, locks and interlocks.

Elevator Repair Philadelphia PA

Door Edge Protection

A door proximity edge is often recommended to replace the obsolete electric eye units. The door proximity edge detects objects in the elevator door pathway preventing the door from closing on passengers as then enter and exit the elevator. Door edges feature infra-red beams and can be coupled with 3D protection.

Door Panels

Triad Lifts can replace elevator hoistway and or car door panels in a variety of finishes to suit your needs.

Elevator Door Panel Repair
Elevator Control Fixture Repari

Elevator Control Fixtures

Much like upgrading your elevator cab, new fixtures inside the cab and hallway will improve the overall building ascetics. Elevator control fixtures can also be replaced when completing an elevator controller modification to meet present code requirements. Traditional or vandal proof options are available and there are limitless options for style and finishes.

Elevator Cab Modernization

A cab modernization can greatly improve the overall ascetics of the elevator cab. New cabs walls, a ceiling can make all the difference for your elevator appearance. Please contact us with your ideas and we will be glad to help price your cab.

Elevator Cab Modernization
Elevator Battery Backup Repair

Battery Backup

A battery backup system will allow your elevator to continue to operate during a power outage. For the safety of passengers, the elevator system will lower to the main egress and allow passengers to safely exit the elevators.

Elevator Controls

Do you need a new controller for your elevator system? Has your maintenance company suggested a controller upgrade? Triad Lifts can help! Triad Lifts can provide non-proprietary controls from all major controller manufacturers. Non-proprietary controls allow the system to be maintained by any elevator company without being tied to a specific company for repair.

Elevator Control Repair
Elevator Soft Starter Repair

Soft Starters

Soft starters are often added to existing elevator control systems to assist with incoming power fluctuations and motor protection. Soft starters reduce electrical consumption, monitor incoming voltage, and provide overload protection.

Hydraulic Elevator Cylinder Replacement and Repair

We perform hydraulic elevator cylinder replacement and repair services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Traction Machine Elevator Repair

Traction Machine Repair

With a traction system the machine does all of the work every time your elevator moves and there are many moving parts that that can wear out over time. Triad Lifts can replace your existing aged elevator traction machine. Contact our sales department for a site survey.

Hydraulic Pump Unit Repair

Hydraulic cylinders can last many years but often need replacement once they reach that twenty-five year mark as well. A proper site survey can provide a quick and competitive quote for cylinder replacement. Hydraulic cylinders are manufactured according to your elevator specifications.

Hydraulic Pump Repair

Additional Elevator Services We Provide

Elevator Construction

We perform new elevator construction services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Elevator Maintenance

We service all makes and models of elevator equipment, making us one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Philadelphia.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrade both, your elevator performance and cab aesthetics with an elevator modernization project.

Elevator Inspections

With our affordable elevator inspections in accordance with your building's needs, there is no reason why your elevator will not be up to code.

More Elevator Services

We offer a variety of different elevator services. Check out our extensive list of services offered throughout NJ, PA, & Delaware.

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