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Here at Triad Lifts, we are able to complete elevator testing and inspect every variety of elevator system:
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Triad Lifts is your number one source for elevator inspections and safety testing including elevator full load tests. If you are in located in Philadelphia, New Jersey, or Delaware, contact us today to schedule your elevator inspection and safety test. Our service technicians are equipped and ready to meet all of your elevator inspection and elevator testing needs. Triad Lifts is available for quality Elevator Inspection Services, Elevator Safety Testing, or if you have any questions regarding your states codes, especially for PA ADA Compliance, so do not hesitate to reach out to us!

How Often Do Elevators Need To Be Inspected?

Elevator Inspections and Elevator Safety Test requirements will vary from state to state. For example, according to 34 Pa. Code 7.15. All passenger elevators and escalators shall be inspected at least once every three months. Freight elevators, which also includes gravity elevators need to be inspected at least once every six months. Below we will go over the elevator testing requirements and how often elevators need to be inspected in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. While the majority of states comply with The American Society of Mechanical Engineers code ASME A17.1. Some states use their own safety or administrative codes, they may also adopt and amend some standards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. At Triad Lifts, we want to make sure you are compliant and up to code within your state.

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Pennsylvania Elevator Inspections and Testing Requirements

PA Elevator Inspection Requirements

Pennsylvania regulates the construction, alteration, and maintenance of all elevators under the Uniform Construction Code. The Uniform Construction Code in Pennsylvania consists of the following:

Pennsylvania Coat of Arms

Elevator Inspections and testing schedule for Pennsylvania

Permit Acceptance Inspections:
Whenever permit applications have been approved, the permit applicant receives a letter with the approved permit that provides the name and contact email address of the assigned Labor and Industry inspector. Upon the completion of all work, including all trades, the permit holder shall fill out the Request for Inspection form and email it to the inspector. The inspector will schedule the inspection for the first available date. Here is the New Electric Elevator Checklist and the New Hydraulic Elevator Checklist.


Periodic Inspections of Existing Equipment:
The UCC regulations require periodic inspections of existing equipment every six or twelve months, depending on the type of equipment. Usually, based on the last inspection date, the inspector will return to conduct a current inspection within the appropriate time frame, without the owner having to schedule the inspection.

Any UCC-certified elevator inspector may conduct a periodic inspection. If equipment is not inspected within the appropriate inspection cycle, the owner of elevator equipment should contact one of the UCC-certified third party inspection agencies, to make arrangements for an inspection.

New Jersey Elevator Inspections and Testing Requirements

NJ Elevator Inspection Requirements

New Jersey has two  Administrative Codes for Elevator Safety and Testing Requirements. The NJAC 5:23-12 which outlines the New Jersey Elevator Safety Subcode, and also NJAC 5:23-12A for the Optional Elevator Inspection Program.

NJAC 5:23-12.2 states periodic, routine, and acceptance tests and inspections, as applicable, shall be required on all new, altered, and existing escalators. Under the NJAC 5:23-12 it has defined specific terms such as Routine Inspections, Periodic Inspections and Tests, as well as Cyclical Inspections or Cyclical Testing. Below is how the NJAC 5:23-12 defines these terms.


  • Routine inspections are defined as the examination of elevator devices at six-month intervals where visual inspections are performed to check for compliance with the applicable requirements.
  • Periodic inspections and tests are defined as the periodic inspections and tests of elevator devices at yearly intervals where inspections are performed by an elevator inspector and tests are witnessed by an elevator inspector to check for compliance with the applicable requirements. The category of such tests and scope of these inspections and tests shall be as required by this subchapter
  • Cyclical inspections or cyclical testing shall mean the inspections or tests performed on each elevator device on a schedule established by the enforcing agency in accordance with this subchapter, including, but not limited to, routine inspections and periodic inspections and tests.
New Jersey Coat of Arms

Elevator Inspections and testing schedule for New Jersey

  • Inspection intervals for ASME A17.1 elevator devices other than escalators shall not exceed those set forth in Appendix N-1 of ASME A17.1 referenced in the most recent edition of the building subcode, provided that cyclical inspections shall not be required more frequently than once a year. Stairway chairlifts and wheelchair lifts shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding one year.


  • Periodic tests shall be witnessed at intervals not exceeding those set forth in Appendix N-1 of the most recent edition of ASME A17.1 referenced in the building subcode, provided that cyclical tests shall not be required more frequently than once a year. Cyclical testing of manlifts, stairway chairlifts, and wheelchair lifts shall be at intervals not exceeding one year.


  • Periodic inspections, including any applicable acceptance inspections, shall be made by the elevator subcode official or elevator inspector. Periodic tests, including any applicable acceptance tests, shall be witnessed by the elevator subcode official or elevator inspector.

Delaware Elevator Inspections and Testing Requirements

DE Elevator Inspection Requirements

Delaware uses The American Society of Mechanical Engineers code ASME A17.1 which outlines safety standards for elevators, escalators and ASME A18.1 which is the Safety Standards for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts.Delaware requires your periodic elevator inspections to be completed by a qualified 3rd party elevator inspector. It is the responsibility solely of the (building) owner or representative to hire a 3rd party inspector. 

Usually the state of Delaware will notify the building owner about elevator inspection requirements. With that said, it is best practice to keep detailed records of your previous inspections as well as reminders for renewal dates. However, when you work with us at Triad Lifts, we will do all of that for. That way you are able to focus on what is important while you leave the rest to us.

Delaware Coat of Arms

Elevator Inspections and test schedule for Delaware

  • All devices need to complete a routine inspection every six months.
  • Hydraulic elevators must have an elevator pressure test inspected annually.
  • Traction Elevators are required to have a no-load safety inspection annually. Traction Elevators are also required to have a capacity weight test inspected every five years.

We are Affiliated with Philadelphia's Local 5 International Union of Elevator Constructors.

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