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Triad Lifts, LLC. is your locally owned independent elevator company in Philadelphia and dedicated to serving the Tri-state area. We install quality non-proprietary elevator equipment from some of the industry’s most recognized suppliers. We have carefully assembled our team specifically hiring individuals with vast elevator industry experience and who share in our passion for delivering unrivaled customer service. Our goal is to satisfy your vertical transportation needs while exceeding your expectations. You can find our office which is located right across the street from the Apple Store on Walnut St.

1608-1614 Walnut St Philadelphia PA
Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia PA

Blocks From Rittenhouse Square

We are located on Walnut Street two blocks East from Rittenhouse Square. A family friendly park that is named after the clockmaker and astronomer David Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse Square is one of the original five squares planned by the city founder William Penn. It is now the heart of one of Center City’s most expensive neighborhoods. You will find diagonal walkways that begin at the corners and meet at the oval in the center. 

Rittenhouse Square is home to famous sculptures that attracts all walks of life young or old. The Lion Crushing a Serpent was originally created in 1832 by a French Romantic sculptor Antoine-Louis Barye. It was cast in 1891, installed in 1892 and sits in the center of the square, symbolizing the power of good conquering evil. 

Another sculpture that garners attention would be Paul Manship’s Duck Girl. A young girl carrying a duck under her arm. You can find Duck Girl in the reflecting pool at Rittenhouse Square.

There is one specific sculpture in Rittenhouse Square that visitors love, especially children. Billy by Albert Laessle, is a bronze billy goat who stands two-feet high. You will see Billy with a shiny gold color on his horns, head, as well as spine. This is from the young visitors who adore and love to pet Billy.

Not Far From The Union League of Philadelphia

Just a couple of blocks away and around the corner you will find The Union League of Philadelphia. It is a public heritage center that is focused on Civil War history. The Grand Clubhouse which houses the heritage center was founded in 1862. The Union League of Philadelphia has been able to retain the ranking of the #1 City Club in the country five times! Quite an impressive feat, however it is only fitting for the city of Philadelphia. 

The Union League of Philadelphia was founded with the idea of being a patriotic society to support the Union during the Civil War as well as the policies of Abraham Lincoln. In doing so it laid the philosophical foundation for other Union Leagues across the nation. The founding motto of The League is Amor Patriae Ducit which translates to Love of Country Leads.

Over 4,000 men and women contribute and more importantly keep alive the League’s traditions. The members of today represent, just as they did in the past, represent leaders in business, technology, law, religion, culture, education, art, and healthcare throughout the Philadelphia region. 

The Union League of Philadelphia

Tri State Elevator Services We Provide

Elevator Construction

We perform new elevator construction services in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Elevator Maintenance

We service all makes and models of elevator equipment, making us one of the best elevator maintenance companies in Philadelphia.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrade both, your elevator performance and cab aesthetics with an elevator modernization project.

Elevator Inspections

With our affordable elevator inspections in accordance with your building's needs, there is no reason why your elevator will not be up to code.

Elevator Repairs

Elevator repair service jobs are our specialty. We are able to handle all types of elevator repairs in Philadelphia.

More Elevator Services

We offer a variety of different elevator services. Check out our extensive list of services offered throughout NJ, PA, & Delaware.

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We are Affiliated with Philadelphia's Local 5 Elevator Constructors Union.