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What To Do When Your​ Elevator Door Won't Close All The Way

Helpful Tips From Triad Lifts, LLC.

What To Do When The Elevator Door Is Not Closing

Everyone is familiar with elevator doors and knowing they are designed to close automatically after the passengers are inside the cab. This is done in order to keep riders safe while the cab is moving from one floor to the other. While it is not a common occurrence for most elevators, especially if they are up to code and well maintained, however, there are times where the doors will not close properly. This situation could be due to a number of different factors. One possibility is that the sensors that tell the door when someone is in the way are not working correctly. Another possibility is that the door is not level with the floor, which can cause it to get stuck. Finally, the door could simply be dirty or obstructed, preventing it from closing all the way. If you are having trouble with your elevator doors not closing, there are a few things you can try. However, if they problem persists we recommend you contact the professionals here at Triad Lifts for elevator repairs and our elevator maintenance services.

elevator door won't close all the way

Is Your Elevator Door Not Closing? Try these options.

When it comes to elevator doors that aren’t closing all the way, there’s a few things that can be done before a professional elevator maintenance technician needs to be called in. Below we will go over the different steps that can be done in order to close your elevator doors.

1. Check For Obstructions

If your elevator doors are not closing one of the first things that need to be done is to check for obstructions. If anything is blocking the door or sensor, that will prevent the doors from closing. If there is an obstruction, remove it and try closing the doors again.

2. Press the "Close Door" Button

After ensuring there are no obstructions that are blocking the elevator doors from closing, try pressing the “close door” button on the control panel.

3. Press The "Emergency Stop" Button

If the doors still do not close, then press the “emergency stop” button on the control panel. This will stop the elevator and the doors should close.

4. Contact a Professional Elevator Technician

At this point, if there is nothing blocking the elevator doors from closing and they still will not close after pressing the “close door” or “emergency stop” buttons, it will now be time to contact a professional. There is a high possibility that the components have become faulty requiring either a repair or replacement.

What can Be Done To Prevent This?

Closed Loop Door Operator Systems

A closed loop door operator system is a safety feature for elevators that prevents the doors from not being able to close. If the doors are not able to close, it could create a serious safety hazard for anyone using the elevator. The closed loop door operator system works by constantly monitoring the position of the doors and making sure they are in the correct position. If the doors are not in the correct position, the system will automatically close them. This system is an important safety feature for elevators and can help to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

If you have an older elevator, our elevator modernization services can help upgrade components and aspects of your elevator to not only ensure safety of the riders, but also can help prevent situations where the elevator doors aren’t operating properly. 

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