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Elevator Full Load Test Requirements and Procedures

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What Is a Full Load Test?

CAT-5 Full Load Test

A category 5 full load test is a safety measure that is required by most jurisdictions before an elevator can be put into service. The test involves suspending a weight equal to the maximum capacity of the elevator from the top of the car, and then running the elevator through its full range of motion. This test is designed to ensure that the elevator car and all of its components are able to safely handle the maximum load that they will be expected to carry. While the category 5 full load test is not required for all elevators, it is generally considered to be the best way to ensure that an elevator is safe for use.

How Often Is A Full Load Test Required?

All new and modified elevators must pass a full load test before being put into service. After that, a full load test must be conducted at least once every five years. The purpose of the test is to confirm that the elevator can safely and reliably carry its rated load without exceeding its performance limits. The test must be conducted by a qualified third-party testing company. During the test, the elevator must make at least 10 round trips, with each trip carrying the full rated load. If the elevator passes the test, a certificate of compliance will be issued. 

Full Load Test Requirements By State

Pennsylvania Coat of Arms


A Full load test must be completed every 5 years.

New Jersey Coat of Arms

New Jersey

A Full load test must be completed every 5 years.

Delaware Coat of Arms


A Full load test must be completed every 5 years.

What happens If I don't get my elevator tested?

You will want to make sure that you are getting your elevators tested when they need to be. If your buildings elevator doesn’t have the appropriate inspections and certifications, it may be decommissioned until it can be properly tested. 

Without proper testing of your elevator you run the risk of dangers for those who ride in it, as well as it can cost you in fines, violations, as well potential issues down the road. Here at Triad Lifts, we offer elevator maintenance plans – so if you are a property owner with an elevator we recommend signing up for our affordable and comprehensive maintenance plans.

My Elevator Failed The Test, Now What?

If an elevator fails this test, it is considered unsafe and must be taken out of service immediately. There are a few things that you can do if your elevator fails the full load test. First, you should contact us by filling out our contact form or give us a call. One of our licensed elevator technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and make any necessary repairs. Once the repairs have been made, the elevator will need to be retested to ensure that it meets all safety standards.